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Changing ISP's

My ISP has changed and now my Interjet does not work. Or I have changed ISP's, or just plain old "my Interjet no longer works."

  • If you have changed ISP's for whatever reason or are switching from Modem or Dial-up to DSL or Cable Modem, give us a call and we can walk you through the switch-over.  There are several factors that must be considered before switching over; from gathering all the IP information from your new ISP to planning the DNS settings.  Ideally, a switch-over can be done with no email loss and only a few minutes of internet connectivity down-time.  On average, we can have you switched over within 1/2 hour, although, there have been cases that have taken 2 or more hours.  Most of the longer cases have been due to the fact that we have to deal with DSL providers that have technical support personnel with heads up their.... (sorry, but this is true).  Anyway...  Give us a call.  We'll ask a few questions to place your situation in perspective and then offer a price estimate to complete your goal.