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Help!  I cannot get VPN Key to work!

  • We have seen some cases where people with an Interjet I have the proper Key to enable the VPN on their system but when they type in the KEY, the Interjet returns with an error similar to:  "That key is no longer valid.  It was for a feature that was cancelled"
    We are not exactly sure what is happening here, but we suspect that IBM secretly removed the ability for people to activate the VPN on the Interjet I.  They must have disabled this feature in one of their O.S. patches.  We will perform some testing to see if we can nail down exactly what version removed this feature.  We did not notice this earlier because this change in the operating system does not effect previously activated VPNs -- if you've got it, then you still have it. 

    What we are suggesting that admins do if they want to enable the VPN now is to down-grade the operating system to an earlier version, something before 3.2.1p14 (most current version as of this writing is 3.2.1p16), reboot into that lower os version and then try to install the VPN.  Once you find the OS version that works, then reinstall version 3.2.1p16 (or the latest version) and reboot.  Your VPN will now be functioning with that latest version.

    **PLEASE** anyone finds the exact version where this feature was removed, please send an email to and we will post it here for others to see.