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Should I Upgrade the O/S?

  • Should I upgrade my Interjet to the latest system version?
    • YES!  and NO!  As you can read in the previous post, IBM/Whistle is doing things behind the scenes that they are not telling us about.  For the most part, os version 3.2.1p16 appears to be "safe".  IBM did remove the VPN feature for new users in version 3.2.1p14 (and possibly earlier), without telling us.  Unfortunately, it is probably not safe to run OS versions earlier that 3.2.1p16 for security reasons.  Although they do not tell us what changes are made from version to version, the 3.2.1p16 upgrade appeared right around the time when a security bug was announced in the DNS (domain name server) software which runs on the Interjet.  We assume that the 3.2.1p16 upgrade fixed this bug.  If you are running a version lower than 3.2.1p16, you may be vulnerable to this hack. 

      There is a newer version than 3.2.1p16 of the operating system, should I upgrade? (as of this writing, there is not, but when there is...)  BE CAREFUL!  It pays to do research and find out why they have released a newer version.  We hate to sound like it's us versus them, or that they may be "evil", but we also understand that many people rely on their Interjets to keep their businesses connected to the net and that any down-time can be disastrous!  Since IBM appears to be totally abandoning the Interjet line of products, charging for tech support, and removing help info from their web page, you should be careful and think about their motivations for new OS releases.  Rest assured that, whatever information we uncover relating to this issue, we will post right here.