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Duplicate Emails being sent to the "all" account

  • "Sometimes my Interjet sends out duplicate messages when users send emails to the 'all' account."
    • Thanks to Phil L. for finding the solution to this one.  Phil said that his Interjet would sometimes send duplicate messages to everyone in the office when someone posted to the "all" account.  He noted that this problem usually cropped-up when an/any user neared or reached their disk quota on the Interjet.  This problem is solved by clicking on the "Mail" agent, then clicking on the "mailing lists" button at the left.  Next, select the "all" account and press the "Edit" button.  A list of all the users will appear.  Those that are on the "all" list will have check marks next to their names.  At this point, you may want to print out this list.  After making note of who is on the list, remove the check-marks for all entries.  Then return to the Interjet home page and select the "Personnel" agent.  For each user you want to receive messages sent to "all", you will need to edit each users entry and place a check in the "add to 'all' mailing list" box.  Press the "OK" button and continue adding until you are done.  This should solve your problem.  Once again, thank you Phil.