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Battery Replacement

Battery Replacement
...why this is important

A working Interjet battery is very important to maintaining the health of your unit. 

Your Interjet has a lead-acid rechargeable battery located inside the cabinet.  This battery provides power to gracefully shut-down your Interjet should it lose power for any reason.  Graceful shutdown is important, considering how the Interjet's operating system handles data.  While your Interjet is working, to speed up operation, it takes and stores data in RAM.  When the RAM gets full or as soon as your Interjet detects that is has some free time, it saves the information in RAM to the hard disk.  This process is called caching.  

When you remove power to your Interjet, the unit detects this and switches over to battery power.  It then begins the graceful shutdown procedure which includes writing information in the cache to the hard disk.  If your battery is non-functioning, the Interjet is unable to save the data in the cache to the hard disk and it is lost.  Sometimes this data is not critical, but other times its loss prevents the Interjet from restarting.  

Should your Interjet's battery die and you experience a power failure, you may damage your Interjet to the point where it cannot boot.  Simply plugging your Interjet into a uninterruptible power supply does not solve this problem.  In this case, when the power goes out, your Interjet keeps functioning properly, but when the battery in the UPS expires, you place your Interjet at risk again.  

Preventing a Disaster -- Check your battery:

To see if your Interjet's battery has any life left in it, follow this procedure:

Testing will take less than 5 minutes.

From the Interjet panel, select menu item #4 and shut down the Interjet by pressing #4 again.  

When the display shows "SHUTDOWN", press the power button on the back of your Interjet to turn it completely off.

Press the power button again to turn on your Interjet.  While it is testing its memory (the first 15 seconds or so), unplug the power supply from the Interjet.  If the Interjet continues to test the memory and then tests for power and says "plug me in", then your battery still has some life in it (although it may not have enough for a full shut-down).  If your Interjet immediately switches off when you remove the power cord, then your battery is dead and you should replace it now!

Since all Interjets were manufactured around the same time, it is definitely a wise precaution to replace your battery anyway.  These batteries typically last 2 to 3 years and all units are approaching that age.

Need a battery?:

Should you need to purchase a battery, please feel free to call or email us.  Prices for our products and services are listed HERE.

TOO LATE? -- Interjet Not Booting?

Did you just lose power and now your Interjet won't boot?  If power to your Interjet was removed and when you try to start the system, it does the memory test (and then possibly the power test), but then does not boot any further, you probably experienced the worst-case-scenario where the cache was not flushed.  

Your hardware is probably still functioning properly (especially if it completes the memory test), but the operating system is damaged and needs to be replaced.  We can probably help you repair your unit by simply re-installing the operating system to your hard drive.  Please call or email us to discuss your options.  Pricing can be found on our pricing page HERE.