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Interjet Technical Support

If you are here, you probably have a problem with your system.  We do not offer free technical support for the Interjet 1 (100, 120, 140, 200).  If your Interjet is broken, we probably can fix it -- give us a call.  If you are planning to upgrade to a full-time internet connection through either DSL or any other dedicated connection, take a look at the page "Full-Time Connection" .  There, you will fill tips on planning your upgrade and switching over.  

If you are interested or have decided to utilize our unit swap program (for little or no down-time), you should examine the page "Swap Instructions" for the swap-over procedure.  You will find a step-by-step procedure to transfer configuration & data from your old unit to the unit we send you with little or no down-time and no data loss.